With the Specsavers.co.uk redesign I was given the task to improve the user experience on the home page. The first thing I did was remove the “Hearing Center” and “Eyecare at Home” links from the top of the page and integrate them into the main menu to make the site’s service offerings appear more unified in its approach. These were two new services being offered by the eye care company and the links felt like they had just been added as an afterthought once the services had become available and I did not want that to be reflected in the design.

As the majority of people who visit the site will either be looking to schedule an exam or buy a new pair of glasses and therefore need to find the nearest store, I moved that functionality to the very top of the screen (along with the search function) where the links would stand by themselves, away from all other functionality on the site. These links would remain consistent across all pages in the site. I felt that this was important as not only would this allow for an important company objective to be met (which is to get somebody into the store) but it would also aid to support the user in being able to quickly complete a common task.

The adaptive designs below have been created for laptop, tablet and mobile devices. This laptop design has been optimized for a 1200px by 800px screen.

This tablet design has been optimized for a portrait 768px by 1024px screen.

This mobile design has been optimized for a 480px by 720px screen.

Lastly, I was asked to present 3 screens for a possible watch design with dimensions of 100px by 100px. In the example presented the app is being used to search for and look at the selection of women’s glasses, which can easily be scrolled by using the "Digital Crown" found on the side of the watch face. Once on the selection of glasses, pressing on the screen—functionality currently available on the Apple watch—would allow you to select whether to refine results by color or price.

Specsavers Smartwatch

**All above screens were created using Balsamiq Mockups.