This may seem a little indulgent. I mean, why another website, right? And one that bears my name too? It's because I just had to put myself out there like that. You see, I have the company website, the books' websites (all five of them), a a portfolio site and not to mention active Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts. Each one presents a tiny snippet of me and I wanted to create a space where I could just put it all together and kind of create a mini-summary.

Because we are all works in progress, this website will also be a work in progress, presenting different interests and passions that arise along my journey on this wonderful thing we call life. The site is meant to be informative, maybe even slightly engaging, and most definitely fun. It may even stop you from having to carry out a full background check, so hey, I'd say that's a win-win for both of us right there, don't you think? And if you ever bump into me, either in person or in cyberspace, I hope my mini-summary helps you feel like you already know me. Thanks for stopping by.